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We are living in a kaleidoscopic* world.

*kaleidoscopic means quickly changing from one thing to another.

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employee experience

Work is no longer a place you go or a thing you do. Work is an experience and employees are increasingly expecting more from the experience their employer provides.

Simply put, employee experience (EX) is user experience (UX) for your employees.

Improve recruitment, retention and employee satisfaction by auditing your current EX, carefully crafting the EX you want to offer and then rolling it out.

kaleidoscopic can help you:

  • Audit your current EX

  • Facilitate a co-creation workshop to design your future EX

  • Implement your new EX

  • Integrate EX into your strategy

internal communications

Internal communications is the oft-forgotten little brother of external communications. While it doesn't get the spotlight, it plays an important role in your organization.

Do you have something important to share with your team? Stumped on how to best communicate it or simply don't have the time to think?

Embrace internal communications and unlock a dynamic culture powered by more productive, better-informed employees.

kaleidoscopic can help you:

  • Craft an internal communications plan

  • Establish a channel strategy

  • Produce internal content

  • Find your communications style and define your tone of voice

change communications

In the workplace, many associate change with being powerless. But it doesn't have to be this way. 

Change can be an experience where employees feel they have a key role in implementing change. 

A proactive change communications plan centered around employees and the "why" can increase adoption speed, reduce disruptions and positively reinforce your employee experience.

kaleidoscopic can help you:

  • Develop a change communications plan 

  • Produce content to support change

  • Facilitate "golden circle" workshop to unfold the "why" behind a change

  • Develop change package for managers

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Reframing business challenges

kaleidoscopic helps leaders reframe business challenges and uncover new opportunities to communicate with and engage employees.

Together we can craft a communications experience that addresses an organizational need, strengthens company culture and reinforces the employee experience.

kaleidoscopic is your partner in designing:

Internal Comms
Change comms


My name is Jason Breaux and I’m a communications consultant with a particular soft spot for change management, leadership advisory and employee experience.

I'm an American who has been based in Copenhagen, Denmark for the past 10 years where I've evolved my global mindset through work with international companies and colleagues.

I partner with organizations, CEOs, individuals, HR professionals and department managers to better understand their challenges. I provide a new lens through which to see and understand their challenge, and most importantly, solutions from fresh perspectives.

I work across sectors and have extensive experience working with clients in the pharmaceutical, technology, design, building and sustainability industries.

My first language is English but I can also work with clients in Danish. 


On top of all that, I’m a coffee enthusiast who loves to learn and meet new people. If you’re curious to know more about me, kaleidoscopic or how we could work together, coffees are on me.

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Interested in working with kaleidoscopic?

Let's meet for a cup of coffee and explore whether there's a communications challenge we can tackle together.

Jason Breaux
+45 53 23 25 00

kaleidoscopic Communications
Næbvej 27, 4720 Præstø
CVR: 40697063

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